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8-2 against Stimulo

Match of the day Posted on %AM, April 23 2007 11:59:43

Fantastic game this Sunday, marvelous. 8-2 against Stimulo, is a result to be proud of. Stimulo is a team that has an extremely strong line-up and several great players that plays hard but still fair.

The game started with a high tempo and Stimulo was really in for a good fight, they also started with a 1-0, on a free-hit. Waterloo had some good chances, couple of shoots in the post, still no goals. Our 1-1 goal came after a bit of chaos in front of the Stimulo goal and Inghamn could put his stick on the ball and we were now even, not the nicest goal in the world but a goal whatsoever. Rest of the period went on without any goals.

The second period was amaizing, Waterloo had total control and won the period with 5-1. Blomstroms penalty was one of the best penalties I have ever seen. I really felt sorry for the goalie in Stimulo, still, Blomstrom showed that he is a tremendous player. Overall the 2 formations worked really well and we showcased again that we are the best team in Belgium.

We also can see how we have evolved after the league turned after X-mas. The first half we had following goal difference 49 GF and 22 GA, the second half was 94 GF and 23 GA. This is a fantastic result and also proves how good we have become.

Scorers. Inghamn 3 goals, Blomstroms 2 goals, Zetterberg 1 goal, Clefjord 1 goal and Kinell 1 goal.

In total we played 14 games and we won them all. We had some really tough games, Juventus, Stimulo and Mighty Devils, were we turned the results in the last seconds. Without those tremendous goals we would never been the winner today. Let’s keep that mentality, the game is not over until the final whistle. Those 3 teams + IBN will be the ones we will fight with next year for the title and we are looking forward to it!!!!

Still, we need to keep the focus. Next game will be against FBC Agents, the winner of the Dutch League. We are also hoping for a game against a swedish team as well. The Champions League Qualification will take place in Norway, beginning of September, let’s go there and believe we can win it all!!! Nothing is impossible!!!!!

Love, piece and understanding



Match of the day Posted on %PM, April 18 2007 14:20:41


Waterloo Lions did one of the best performance ever last Sunday. With 2 games left of the season Waterloo had to at least draw the game against Aalst.

The tempo was extremely high immediately and there was no doubt that Waterloo was after 2 points. Erik K started to goal scoring with a fantastic goal, well done. Z and Marthyn produced together 3 goals and the first 15 minutes of the period was amazing. Unfortunately we colapsed the last five which game Aalst an opportunity to score, 4-1 after the first period.

Second period started a bit nervous and Aalst made quickly a goal after some defense problems. The game could have gone both ways at this moment, luckily we had Z in our team who made a fantastic 5-2 goal and the game was ours again, we scored 1 more and eneded the period 6-2.

The thirs period was more of transportation and Waterloo was waiting for the signal, in the end the score table read 8-3 to waterloo and they were now the Champs.

Important to mention that both formations played extremely well and we have a strong platform for the Champions League qualifications later this year. Need to add that Chris had one of his best games with Waterloo.

The balance between the experience and young players works extremely well.

Goals in the game. Inghamn 3, Zetterberg 2, Clefjord 1, Korner 1, Nilsson 1.

Love, piece and understanding

Waterloo did the job, not more.

Match of the day Posted on %PM, April 01 2007 19:25:00

This was another “must win” games for Waterloo on their way to become champions. The 2 points were delivered, 12-8 but with a game that did not reflect at all how good we really are, we are MUCH better than this, and we will show that in 2 weeks!!!!!

The first period was solid and the first formation had some luch were the second formation probably played better but couldn’t get the ball into the goal. In the second and third period Waterloo had huge issues to get its defense to work, few internal mistakes gave IBN some easy goals, too bad.

There were never any risk of losing the game but anyway Waterloo took a time-out in the end to shaken up the team to be more serious and start to be number 1 on the ball again.

Things to remember from this game is Blomstrom’s lovely penalty, he did an “Inghamn” but with the right outcome:-))) Well done. Another player to highlight is Clefjord who probably had one of his best games in the white shirt, he scored twice but was really the engine in the second formation and could with some luck been involned in 4-5 goals. This is very promising for the coming 2 games, keep it up Pontus.

Waterloo Lions could have been the Champions already today. If Mighty Devils would have won their game against Stimulo, they didn’t. In the last period they had 2-1 and it all looked like the team from Aalst was on its way to win. Their first formation with Thomas Ghilain and Jonathan Chiau was really hot and seems to be the match winners. Stimulo had a different opinion, Kristof Broweays scored after a pass from Michel Steven, 2-2. At this monent we expected Mighty to take a time out and “top” the team, especially with their really strong first formation….they did not and Stimulo could score their 3-2 goal after some chaos in Mighty’s defense. Mighty is now gone for this season but Stimulo kept the championship on toes for another 2 weeks, well done.

Points in the game: Inghamn 6 goals 1 assist, Zetterberg 3 goals 3 assist, Blomstrom 2 goals 3 assist, Clefjord 2 goals, Kortelainen 1 goal, Nilsson 1 assist, Sjoberg 1 assist, Kinell 1 assist.

We have 2 extremely important games in front of us, let’s keep the focus guys!!!

Love, piece and understanding



Match of the day Posted on %PM, March 25 2007 19:18:26

What a game!!! One of the absolute best performances we have accomplished, well done to all the players.

The start was a bit shaky, the ball didn’t want to go in, we had huge pressure on Juventus but of some reasons we couldn’t score. In the meantime did Gustav Blixt a great performance in the goal, super.

We made few changes for the second period, still, the game was ours, it was not if we would score but when. Inghamn did the first one, after total chaos in front of the Juventus goal, a bit of luck for sure. After that came the rest of the goal immediately, Korner made his first goal just seconds after Waterloos 1-0 goal. The pressure was then enormous and the period ended 9-2 to Waterloo Lions, it could have been 3 or 4 goals more, fantastic.

Few things to highlight, this was the first game were the second formation was in tune with the first one. Nilsson took a great role as center with great balance from Schmidt and Kinell. We had also 2 defenders scoring today, Helski and Kinell. Blomstroms and Korners free hit was a classic, still not sure what they did but it looked really cool. Z was doing a good job with great passes and few shoots in the goal frame. The combination of Clefjord, Inghamn and Zetterberg worked well as expected. New was the total Finnish defence wih Helski and Tenkanen, there is always a risk with too many Finns together but in this case it worked out really well.

In the last period we just played safe and still we scored 7 goals, so relaxed. We also made some changes here were Lecomte came back in the goal and Kortelainen and Adolfsson were on the field again. All three had a solid game, well done.

Juventus had a good first period where they really held their team in full control. After that they had a really tough time to keep up but they stood up for themselves in an excelent way, their goalkeeper helped also to stop several shots, especially in the first period.

This was the 11th game without losing a point, let’s focus now for the next game against IBN Brussels.

Inghamn 5 goals 1 assist, Korner 2 goals 2 assist, Zetterberg 3 assist, Clefjord 2 goals 1 assist, Blomstrom 2 goals, Nilsson 1 goal 1 assist, Helski 1 goal, Kinell 1 goal, Kortelainen 1 goal,

Love, Piece and Understanding


Big Win This Sunday

Match of the day Posted on %AM, March 13 2007 11:44:53


Another game with a lot of goals. Last time we met Tornado Brussels we won with 8-2, this time we really had some fun and won with 17-3. It was the second time this season we made 9 goals in one period, which no other team has done so far.

Still, as a game we didn’t perform as good as we are capable to. We have are not acting as a team that are fighting enough, yes, the scores are great but we need to get 2 formations that are working both upfront as in defence, which is not the case yet.

Of some reason we had 4 two minute penalries against us, not much to say more than we played a bit un-polished, which there were no need for. On the positive side, we have found an extremely strong box-play set-up, Tenkanen, Helsky, Zetterberg and Inghamn, they scored 5 goals with one guy less on the field, must be a record in itself.

As we have seen for some games now did most of the goals coming from the first line-up, 13 out of 17, but this time the second line-up had few nice goals and also some bad luck, it was very promising. Korner scored 3 of the goals and Kinell, usually in defence, now playing center scored his first goal for Waterloo, Adolfsson had one in the post, well done. In defence Schmidt and Sjoberg did great, were especially Schmidt was showing fantastic team spirit by using his total body as defence, impressing.

Worth mentioning is that Chris did a solid game after the firs easy goal. Blomstrom had 2 in the net, after all. Big star of the day was Zetterberg who scored 6 goals and had several assist, no one else was even close to his performance, he has flowered out to be a complete player , impressing.

Goals made (assist will be added on the web-page later). Zetterberg 6, Inghamn 4, Korner 3, Blomstrom 2, Kinell 1, Helsky 1.

The easy games are behind us now and as of now it will be much tougher. We must now focus and the fighting spririt will be a must. We must remember that against teams as Aalst, Juventus and Stimulo, we only won after we were been behind and topped the team the last 5 minutes. We msut avoid that and win the games earlier.

Take care. M

9th winning game in a row

Match of the day Posted on %PM, February 25 2007 19:13:10

Victory with 12-3 against Union Beyonais sounds great, but was not our best game this season, far from it. Still, a solid result and another 2 points in the bag, 9th winning game in a row, GREAT!!!

With several keyplayers gone Waterloo came with only 10 players to Roosdaal. Most of the missing players were in the defence, luckily our latest transfer went well and Pasi Tenkanen from IBN Brussels could now play his first game for us. He teamed up with Richard and Jens to keep a tight defence.

The first period was a great performance from Waterloo, especially the first formation with Zetterberg, Inghamn and Blomstrom. 6-0 was the score and it could have been even more goals for Waterloo, the second formation with Clefjord, Karlsson and Kortelainen had several great chances but the ball was not going their way, except for Kortelainen who scored 1 goal.

Union Beyonais changed tactics in the second period and played extremely defensive, which we had a problem with. A very poor performance, which ended with the period result of 2-1 in favor of Waterloo. Still, one of the goals was a remarkable one, Inghamn ran from the side behind the goal were he lifted the ball over the goal to Zetterberg who with a direct hit scored, goalkeeper was on the moon, brilliant!!!!

In the third we made started as in the second, 2 goals down in the beginning of the period, but we soon made few amendment, which we had to do when Karlsson went out injured. After that the ball started to jumpour way again and the balls went our way and we scored 4 goals in few minutes.

Points in the game (not 100% correct yet, waiting for BFF) Zetterberg 4 goals, 4 assist. Inghamn 6 goals 1 assist, Blomstrom 1 goal 3 assist, Kortelainen 1 goal, Tenkanen 1 assist, Bruno 1 assist.

Looking forward to the next game in 2 weeks against Tornado Brussels.

Marthyn I

Last second goal

Match of the day Posted on %PM, February 11 2007 17:36:15

Wow, what a game. Most probably not the most beautiful game we have ever player, but what a tremendous victory from a team point of view.

Stimulo, second in the league, started very optimistic and also scored the first goal. We had some chances but the ball didn’t want to go in. We made few changes in the second period and suddenly did the ball go our way. With goals from Petri, Erik and Pontus we seemed to get the game under control. With 3-1 we were going really strong, Pontus 4-1 goal was deleted, because the referees had just blown for penalty. Marthyn, who seems to watch to much TV tried a something he saw a swedish player do in the European Cup…..very slowly and very badly, sorry!!!!!

Stimulo came in to the game and made a nice 2-3 goal and few minutes later did they equlize the game with some luck and in the end it was an own goal, 3-3. The last minutes Waterloo Lions took a risk by make a lot of changes the last 3 minutes, we knew that it could work again. With 2 shoots in the bars it felt that the ball didn’t wanna go in. Stimulo wo was happy with the 3-3 was defending greatly and did even got a chance were one of their players came free with Chris, who made a great save.

Marthyn pass the ball to Petri who shoots against the goal, Pontus is fighting against 3 Stimulo players in front of the goal. The ball bounce to the side and Z, very calmly, hit the ball straight into the goal, 10 seconds left of the game, 10 seconds!!!!!! This was a victory for the Team, fighting victory, WELL DONE!!!!

This was the third game we turned in the last 2-3 minutes, we are mentally very strong. Looking forward to the next game.

Marthyn I

Easy but great game

Match of the day Posted on %PM, February 11 2007 17:19:59

The game against Strijteem was one of our easier ones this season. Still, it is not easy to play those “must win” games. The first period was not one of our better, only 3-0 and with none of the formations were really playing great. We moved Pontus to play with Erik instead and moved Philip to play with Z and Marthyn. we made 9 goals in the second period, brilliant period. The last period was only about transportation and we ended the game with a 19-1 victory. Blixt made a tremendous game in the goal. The focs was brilliant, well done to all of the players.

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