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White had a tremendous game!!

Match of the day Posted on %PM, April 01 2008 21:12:02

Sorry for not posting any news in a long time, I haven’t scored enoughsmiley

White came to Fleron with an expectation to bring 2 points to the summary. Union just lost with 6-4 last week, against Mighty we belived we could win but it could be a tough game. That wasn’t the case, at all. White had 2 formations that played extremely organised and had exteme pay-off on their chances.

First period we got a quick goal and thereafter we hold the pressure during the total 20 minutes. The formation Zetterberg, Persson and Inghamn kept a great pressure and were involved in 4 out of the 5 goals in the first period. In the defence we had Helski, Alatalo and Schmidt who kept the defence area clean, still, Elgars had to do some great saves.

Going out in the second we had the second formation that stepped up a level. Nilsson, Auvinen and Langlois had a great period with several goals in the second. Langlois had one from no angle at all and Auvinen was doing the goal of the day when he took the ball from our own defence area and went through the total Union team were made a clinic finish behind their Goalie, Respect!! White won the second period with 7-0, it was now 12-0 in total and Union was a team with no chance to come back.

In the thirs period we got Lecomte back in the goal and he did a very good job to keep the pressure away from the goal. No doubt that the White team was way more offensive at this moment, several players were looking for some points. Persson and Zetterberg had some great combinations together which paid off with several goals. When it was only 7 seconds left White got a penalty which Inghamn killed with a soft loob. The end score was 21-2 (22-2 if you ask Z). Fantastic performance and White are showing that they are clearly the best team in Belgium.

Goals: Inghamn 6, Persson 5, Langlois 4, Zetterberg 3, Auvinen 3

Love peace and understanding



Match of the day Posted on %PM, April 01 2008 20:50:34


Great victory for White

Match of the day Posted on %PM, November 21 2007 15:20:52

Waterloo Lions White (WLW) against Stimulo is always an opportunity for great floorball. Stimulo who had started this season extremely well were ready to do everything they could to keep their winning formula. WLW who in all fairness not been playing great so far were forced to pick out the best of each player to be able to give Stimulo a good game.

The firs period started in avery high tempo and WLW was in charge as of the first minute. Stimulo were acting nervous and not as strong as we would have expected. WLW were staring the scoring by having Korner doing the 1-0, immediately followed by Inghamn 2-0 and then Sandberg 3-0. We were then given a penelty that Inghamn totally ruined with a lousy shot. This gave Stimulo some hope but Zetterberg felt different and scred a nice 4-0 goal. Overall both formations were playing well and Chris did one of the best games ever, well done.

Stimulo came out as a new team in the second period and were much more aggresive, but fair. Chris made some great saves but in the end he had to let one ball in, from a good free hit. WLW was not as focused as in the first period and the game went in the favour of Stimulo. Then, in the middle of a strong period from Stimulo, Kinell tries to give Inghamn a long pass from own defence area. Inghamn who is in fron of the keeper are blocking the sight for him, and the ball goes just under the barr, a 30 meter goal from Kinell, great. In the end of the period Stimulo were one man down because of slashing, still, of some reason a Stimulo player tricked 3 WLW players and scored their 2-5 goal.

In the third period Stimulo had a great pressure the first 2-3 minutes, without getting the ball in the net. Then Nilsson got the ball, looked up, shot agains the goal, Inghamn was in the way for the keeper and the shot went directly in, 6-2 and the game was now absolutely over for Stimulo. Sandberg ended the scoring by doing a nice 7-2 goal.

Both formatiosn were doing a great game and Kinell, Auvinen and Nilsson did a great game in defence today. By moving Nilsson back to play defence we moved JD to play as center with Murray and Korner on the wings. Great job done.

Extra point to Petri Helski who went out because of injury, instead he became the coach and did a tremendous job from the bench, great lesson for all of us.

Scores were done by: Sandberg 2, Zetterberg 1, Inghamn 1, Kinell 1, Nilsson 1, Korner 1.

JD had a 5 goal game.

Match of the day Posted on %PM, November 15 2007 15:28:24

Waterloo Lions White (WLW) came to Affligem with the expectation to pick 2 points and a lot of goals. As you can understand it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be.

We were few men short and therefor we did not play in normal formation which cleary didn’t work in our favor. 2-1 after one period was probably the worst period we have done in a long time. It was chaotic in the team and nothing really worked.

Second period we went down to 3 defenders which helped us to get 2 full formations, the game went much better and the scoring went really, well, especially for JD, well done! 5-0 was the period score and must be seen as a good one.

The third period was not working that well, this because of several penalties that worked against us. We never came up to the same level as in the 2nd period but in the end we won the period with 5-3 which is OK, not more.

Overall we got away with 2 points and a 12-4 win. Still, WLW must focus much more to be able to win again Stimulo in the next round.

Man of the match: JD (no doubt)

Love piece and understanding

Black took its first victory!

Match of the day Posted on %PM, October 14 2007 23:08:15

After last games defeat against Union Beyonais was Rikard and Jens forced to come up with a new tactic and a new way to approach the game. Not sure what was said but Waterloo Lions Black came out as a new team today. They were playing against Speedhoc Brussels, who under the name IBN have won the League 9 times.

First period was tight and 1-1 became 2-2 and with some good pressure could WLB score a 3-2 before the end of the first period. It was clear that it was a new attitude on the field today.

WLB was coming out in the second period with the same stamina as in the first. With a quick goal was WLB 2 goals ahead. Speedhoc came back to a 3-4 but it was no doubt that this was the period of WLB who soon made the fifth goal, 5-3 was the score after two periods.

WLB started the third period a bit nervous and Speedhoc was invited to the game, soon it was 5-5 and most people thought the luck was against WLB…..not today. WLB took the opportunity when a Speedhoc player made a serious error and the WLB player could with a great goal score the important 6-5. Speedhoc was putting all the efforts in the last minutes to score, instead could WLB do a counteattack and secure the first victory of the season, 7-5. Well done!!! Romour is also telling me that our new player Jaakko did a fantastic game, great to hear.

Looking forward to the next game.

I have no scorers yet but I heard that Jaakko did most probably 3 goals and that Lollo scored and that Rikard nearly scored:-))

Love piece and understanding

Marthyn (with help from Peitsa).

Black lost a very tight game

Match of the day Posted on %PM, October 08 2007 15:09:00

Waterloo Lions Black.

Black came to Aalst with an expectation to take the first 2 points of the season. It looked really promising from start and soon Lollo Goransson scored 1-0. Black went on and had several chances to make the second goal, including hitting the bar, unfortunately the ball didn’t go in and instead Union Beynais could score on a counter attack.

In the second period Black was really driven and went on with a good space, Kortelainen scored as did Lollo G. At this point Black could have killed the game but of some reasons the ball didn’t go in as it should, the score was 3-1 after 2 periods, which felt unfair in favor of the Waterloo side.

Union Beynais came out as a new team in the third and Black had some tough situations with the Referee, several penelties were given, some could be questioned. Unioin came back and went ahead and were suddenly in a 4-3 lead, Rikard Adolfsson then scored the 4-4 goal and it now felt that Blacl could kill the game. Instead Unioin scored 5-4 with less than 2 minutes left of the match. It was a close and tight game were Waterloo could have ended it in the second, unfortunately they didn’t. Sure that they will give IBN a great game next week.

Pointinformation (not 100% correct).

Lollo G 2 goals, Kortelainen 1 goal, Rikard A 1 goal and 1 assist, Jens B 1 assist.

Great game against Mighty.

Match of the day Posted on %PM, October 07 2007 20:11:07

Waterloo Lions White.

After a not so good performance against Juventus (a win though) it was time to meet one of the team that has the skills to win the Belgian League. The game started really tight and with some problems we won the first period with 3-2, Victor scored when it was 1 minutes left of the period. Overall we had some luck in the beginning that helped us tremedously.

As of the 2nd period we took over the game totally and as of now it was only one team on the pitch. Mighty had problems to get there game in control and lost some easy balls that we could take care of.

Overall all players on the pitch did a fantastic game and we are looking forward to next game in 2 weeks, against Tornado Brussels.

Inghamn 4 goals and 1 assist, Sandberg 2 goals and 2 assist, Zetterberg 1 goal and 2 assist, Korner 2 goals, Tommi 1 goal, Clefjord 1 assist.

Love and piece.


Waterloo Lions Black was hit by Stimulo

Match of the day Posted on %PM, October 05 2007 23:39:59

The new Team, Waterloo Lions Black was playing their first game ever. It was not the easiest team they met, Stimulo, who has been a top team for the last 10 years in Belgium. Still, the guys, under the captaincy of Rikard Adolfsson did a as good as they could with this brand new team. Stimulo could in the end walk home with an 8-2 victory. Waterloo Lions Black are looking forward to show what they can accomplish against Union Beyonais this sunday. I bet a few bucks that Waterloo will win. Go for it!!!!

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