Sorry for not posting any news in a long time, I haven’t scored enoughsmiley

White came to Fleron with an expectation to bring 2 points to the summary. Union just lost with 6-4 last week, against Mighty we belived we could win but it could be a tough game. That wasn’t the case, at all. White had 2 formations that played extremely organised and had exteme pay-off on their chances.

First period we got a quick goal and thereafter we hold the pressure during the total 20 minutes. The formation Zetterberg, Persson and Inghamn kept a great pressure and were involved in 4 out of the 5 goals in the first period. In the defence we had Helski, Alatalo and Schmidt who kept the defence area clean, still, Elgars had to do some great saves.

Going out in the second we had the second formation that stepped up a level. Nilsson, Auvinen and Langlois had a great period with several goals in the second. Langlois had one from no angle at all and Auvinen was doing the goal of the day when he took the ball from our own defence area and went through the total Union team were made a clinic finish behind their Goalie, Respect!! White won the second period with 7-0, it was now 12-0 in total and Union was a team with no chance to come back.

In the thirs period we got Lecomte back in the goal and he did a very good job to keep the pressure away from the goal. No doubt that the White team was way more offensive at this moment, several players were looking for some points. Persson and Zetterberg had some great combinations together which paid off with several goals. When it was only 7 seconds left White got a penalty which Inghamn killed with a soft loob. The end score was 21-2 (22-2 if you ask Z). Fantastic performance and White are showing that they are clearly the best team in Belgium.

Goals: Inghamn 6, Persson 5, Langlois 4, Zetterberg 3, Auvinen 3

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