Waterloo Lions White (WLW) against Stimulo is always an opportunity for great floorball. Stimulo who had started this season extremely well were ready to do everything they could to keep their winning formula. WLW who in all fairness not been playing great so far were forced to pick out the best of each player to be able to give Stimulo a good game.

The firs period started in avery high tempo and WLW was in charge as of the first minute. Stimulo were acting nervous and not as strong as we would have expected. WLW were staring the scoring by having Korner doing the 1-0, immediately followed by Inghamn 2-0 and then Sandberg 3-0. We were then given a penelty that Inghamn totally ruined with a lousy shot. This gave Stimulo some hope but Zetterberg felt different and scred a nice 4-0 goal. Overall both formations were playing well and Chris did one of the best games ever, well done.

Stimulo came out as a new team in the second period and were much more aggresive, but fair. Chris made some great saves but in the end he had to let one ball in, from a good free hit. WLW was not as focused as in the first period and the game went in the favour of Stimulo. Then, in the middle of a strong period from Stimulo, Kinell tries to give Inghamn a long pass from own defence area. Inghamn who is in fron of the keeper are blocking the sight for him, and the ball goes just under the barr, a 30 meter goal from Kinell, great. In the end of the period Stimulo were one man down because of slashing, still, of some reason a Stimulo player tricked 3 WLW players and scored their 2-5 goal.

In the third period Stimulo had a great pressure the first 2-3 minutes, without getting the ball in the net. Then Nilsson got the ball, looked up, shot agains the goal, Inghamn was in the way for the keeper and the shot went directly in, 6-2 and the game was now absolutely over for Stimulo. Sandberg ended the scoring by doing a nice 7-2 goal.

Both formatiosn were doing a great game and Kinell, Auvinen and Nilsson did a great game in defence today. By moving Nilsson back to play defence we moved JD to play as center with Murray and Korner on the wings. Great job done.

Extra point to Petri Helski who went out because of injury, instead he became the coach and did a tremendous job from the bench, great lesson for all of us.

Scores were done by: Sandberg 2, Zetterberg 1, Inghamn 1, Kinell 1, Nilsson 1, Korner 1.