Waterloo Lions White (WLW) came to Affligem with the expectation to pick 2 points and a lot of goals. As you can understand it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be.

We were few men short and therefor we did not play in normal formation which cleary didn’t work in our favor. 2-1 after one period was probably the worst period we have done in a long time. It was chaotic in the team and nothing really worked.

Second period we went down to 3 defenders which helped us to get 2 full formations, the game went much better and the scoring went really, well, especially for JD, well done! 5-0 was the period score and must be seen as a good one.

The third period was not working that well, this because of several penalties that worked against us. We never came up to the same level as in the 2nd period but in the end we won the period with 5-3 which is OK, not more.

Overall we got away with 2 points and a 12-4 win. Still, WLW must focus much more to be able to win again Stimulo in the next round.

Man of the match: JD (no doubt)

Love piece and understanding