Waterloo Lions Black.

Black came to Aalst with an expectation to take the first 2 points of the season. It looked really promising from start and soon Lollo Goransson scored 1-0. Black went on and had several chances to make the second goal, including hitting the bar, unfortunately the ball didn’t go in and instead Union Beynais could score on a counter attack.

In the second period Black was really driven and went on with a good space, Kortelainen scored as did Lollo G. At this point Black could have killed the game but of some reasons the ball didn’t go in as it should, the score was 3-1 after 2 periods, which felt unfair in favor of the Waterloo side.

Union Beynais came out as a new team in the third and Black had some tough situations with the Referee, several penelties were given, some could be questioned. Unioin came back and went ahead and were suddenly in a 4-3 lead, Rikard Adolfsson then scored the 4-4 goal and it now felt that Blacl could kill the game. Instead Unioin scored 5-4 with less than 2 minutes left of the match. It was a close and tight game were Waterloo could have ended it in the second, unfortunately they didn’t. Sure that they will give IBN a great game next week.

Pointinformation (not 100% correct).

Lollo G 2 goals, Kortelainen 1 goal, Rikard A 1 goal and 1 assist, Jens B 1 assist.