Waterloo Lions White.

After a not so good performance against Juventus (a win though) it was time to meet one of the team that has the skills to win the Belgian League. The game started really tight and with some problems we won the first period with 3-2, Victor scored when it was 1 minutes left of the period. Overall we had some luck in the beginning that helped us tremedously.

As of the 2nd period we took over the game totally and as of now it was only one team on the pitch. Mighty had problems to get there game in control and lost some easy balls that we could take care of.

Overall all players on the pitch did a fantastic game and we are looking forward to next game in 2 weeks, against Tornado Brussels.

Inghamn 4 goals and 1 assist, Sandberg 2 goals and 2 assist, Zetterberg 1 goal and 2 assist, Korner 2 goals, Tommi 1 goal, Clefjord 1 assist.

Love and piece.