Fantastic game this Sunday, marvelous. 8-2 against Stimulo, is a result to be proud of. Stimulo is a team that has an extremely strong line-up and several great players that plays hard but still fair.

The game started with a high tempo and Stimulo was really in for a good fight, they also started with a 1-0, on a free-hit. Waterloo had some good chances, couple of shoots in the post, still no goals. Our 1-1 goal came after a bit of chaos in front of the Stimulo goal and Inghamn could put his stick on the ball and we were now even, not the nicest goal in the world but a goal whatsoever. Rest of the period went on without any goals.

The second period was amaizing, Waterloo had total control and won the period with 5-1. Blomstroms penalty was one of the best penalties I have ever seen. I really felt sorry for the goalie in Stimulo, still, Blomstrom showed that he is a tremendous player. Overall the 2 formations worked really well and we showcased again that we are the best team in Belgium.

We also can see how we have evolved after the league turned after X-mas. The first half we had following goal difference 49 GF and 22 GA, the second half was 94 GF and 23 GA. This is a fantastic result and also proves how good we have become.

Scorers. Inghamn 3 goals, Blomstroms 2 goals, Zetterberg 1 goal, Clefjord 1 goal and Kinell 1 goal.

In total we played 14 games and we won them all. We had some really tough games, Juventus, Stimulo and Mighty Devils, were we turned the results in the last seconds. Without those tremendous goals we would never been the winner today. Let’s keep that mentality, the game is not over until the final whistle. Those 3 teams + IBN will be the ones we will fight with next year for the title and we are looking forward to it!!!!

Still, we need to keep the focus. Next game will be against FBC Agents, the winner of the Dutch League. We are also hoping for a game against a swedish team as well. The Champions League Qualification will take place in Norway, beginning of September, let’s go there and believe we can win it all!!! Nothing is impossible!!!!!

Love, piece and understanding