Waterloo Lions did one of the best performance ever last Sunday. With 2 games left of the season Waterloo had to at least draw the game against Aalst.

The tempo was extremely high immediately and there was no doubt that Waterloo was after 2 points. Erik K started to goal scoring with a fantastic goal, well done. Z and Marthyn produced together 3 goals and the first 15 minutes of the period was amazing. Unfortunately we colapsed the last five which game Aalst an opportunity to score, 4-1 after the first period.

Second period started a bit nervous and Aalst made quickly a goal after some defense problems. The game could have gone both ways at this moment, luckily we had Z in our team who made a fantastic 5-2 goal and the game was ours again, we scored 1 more and eneded the period 6-2.

The thirs period was more of transportation and Waterloo was waiting for the signal, in the end the score table read 8-3 to waterloo and they were now the Champs.

Important to mention that both formations played extremely well and we have a strong platform for the Champions League qualifications later this year. Need to add that Chris had one of his best games with Waterloo.

The balance between the experience and young players works extremely well.

Goals in the game. Inghamn 3, Zetterberg 2, Clefjord 1, Korner 1, Nilsson 1.

Love, piece and understanding