This was another “must win” games for Waterloo on their way to become champions. The 2 points were delivered, 12-8 but with a game that did not reflect at all how good we really are, we are MUCH better than this, and we will show that in 2 weeks!!!!!

The first period was solid and the first formation had some luch were the second formation probably played better but couldn’t get the ball into the goal. In the second and third period Waterloo had huge issues to get its defense to work, few internal mistakes gave IBN some easy goals, too bad.

There were never any risk of losing the game but anyway Waterloo took a time-out in the end to shaken up the team to be more serious and start to be number 1 on the ball again.

Things to remember from this game is Blomstrom’s lovely penalty, he did an “Inghamn” but with the right outcome:-))) Well done. Another player to highlight is Clefjord who probably had one of his best games in the white shirt, he scored twice but was really the engine in the second formation and could with some luck been involned in 4-5 goals. This is very promising for the coming 2 games, keep it up Pontus.

Waterloo Lions could have been the Champions already today. If Mighty Devils would have won their game against Stimulo, they didn’t. In the last period they had 2-1 and it all looked like the team from Aalst was on its way to win. Their first formation with Thomas Ghilain and Jonathan Chiau was really hot and seems to be the match winners. Stimulo had a different opinion, Kristof Broweays scored after a pass from Michel Steven, 2-2. At this monent we expected Mighty to take a time out and “top” the team, especially with their really strong first formation….they did not and Stimulo could score their 3-2 goal after some chaos in Mighty’s defense. Mighty is now gone for this season but Stimulo kept the championship on toes for another 2 weeks, well done.

Points in the game: Inghamn 6 goals 1 assist, Zetterberg 3 goals 3 assist, Blomstrom 2 goals 3 assist, Clefjord 2 goals, Kortelainen 1 goal, Nilsson 1 assist, Sjoberg 1 assist, Kinell 1 assist.

We have 2 extremely important games in front of us, let’s keep the focus guys!!!

Love, piece and understanding