What a game!!! One of the absolute best performances we have accomplished, well done to all the players.

The start was a bit shaky, the ball didn’t want to go in, we had huge pressure on Juventus but of some reasons we couldn’t score. In the meantime did Gustav Blixt a great performance in the goal, super.

We made few changes for the second period, still, the game was ours, it was not if we would score but when. Inghamn did the first one, after total chaos in front of the Juventus goal, a bit of luck for sure. After that came the rest of the goal immediately, Korner made his first goal just seconds after Waterloos 1-0 goal. The pressure was then enormous and the period ended 9-2 to Waterloo Lions, it could have been 3 or 4 goals more, fantastic.

Few things to highlight, this was the first game were the second formation was in tune with the first one. Nilsson took a great role as center with great balance from Schmidt and Kinell. We had also 2 defenders scoring today, Helski and Kinell. Blomstroms and Korners free hit was a classic, still not sure what they did but it looked really cool. Z was doing a good job with great passes and few shoots in the goal frame. The combination of Clefjord, Inghamn and Zetterberg worked well as expected. New was the total Finnish defence wih Helski and Tenkanen, there is always a risk with too many Finns together but in this case it worked out really well.

In the last period we just played safe and still we scored 7 goals, so relaxed. We also made some changes here were Lecomte came back in the goal and Kortelainen and Adolfsson were on the field again. All three had a solid game, well done.

Juventus had a good first period where they really held their team in full control. After that they had a really tough time to keep up but they stood up for themselves in an excelent way, their goalkeeper helped also to stop several shots, especially in the first period.

This was the 11th game without losing a point, let’s focus now for the next game against IBN Brussels.

Inghamn 5 goals 1 assist, Korner 2 goals 2 assist, Zetterberg 3 assist, Clefjord 2 goals 1 assist, Blomstrom 2 goals, Nilsson 1 goal 1 assist, Helski 1 goal, Kinell 1 goal, Kortelainen 1 goal,

Love, Piece and Understanding