Another game with a lot of goals. Last time we met Tornado Brussels we won with 8-2, this time we really had some fun and won with 17-3. It was the second time this season we made 9 goals in one period, which no other team has done so far.

Still, as a game we didn’t perform as good as we are capable to. We have are not acting as a team that are fighting enough, yes, the scores are great but we need to get 2 formations that are working both upfront as in defence, which is not the case yet.

Of some reason we had 4 two minute penalries against us, not much to say more than we played a bit un-polished, which there were no need for. On the positive side, we have found an extremely strong box-play set-up, Tenkanen, Helsky, Zetterberg and Inghamn, they scored 5 goals with one guy less on the field, must be a record in itself.

As we have seen for some games now did most of the goals coming from the first line-up, 13 out of 17, but this time the second line-up had few nice goals and also some bad luck, it was very promising. Korner scored 3 of the goals and Kinell, usually in defence, now playing center scored his first goal for Waterloo, Adolfsson had one in the post, well done. In defence Schmidt and Sjoberg did great, were especially Schmidt was showing fantastic team spirit by using his total body as defence, impressing.

Worth mentioning is that Chris did a solid game after the firs easy goal. Blomstrom had 2 in the net, after all. Big star of the day was Zetterberg who scored 6 goals and had several assist, no one else was even close to his performance, he has flowered out to be a complete player , impressing.

Goals made (assist will be added on the web-page later). Zetterberg 6, Inghamn 4, Korner 3, Blomstrom 2, Kinell 1, Helsky 1.

The easy games are behind us now and as of now it will be much tougher. We must now focus and the fighting spririt will be a must. We must remember that against teams as Aalst, Juventus and Stimulo, we only won after we were been behind and topped the team the last 5 minutes. We msut avoid that and win the games earlier.

Take care. M