Victory with 12-3 against Union Beyonais sounds great, but was not our best game this season, far from it. Still, a solid result and another 2 points in the bag, 9th winning game in a row, GREAT!!!

With several keyplayers gone Waterloo came with only 10 players to Roosdaal. Most of the missing players were in the defence, luckily our latest transfer went well and Pasi Tenkanen from IBN Brussels could now play his first game for us. He teamed up with Richard and Jens to keep a tight defence.

The first period was a great performance from Waterloo, especially the first formation with Zetterberg, Inghamn and Blomstrom. 6-0 was the score and it could have been even more goals for Waterloo, the second formation with Clefjord, Karlsson and Kortelainen had several great chances but the ball was not going their way, except for Kortelainen who scored 1 goal.

Union Beyonais changed tactics in the second period and played extremely defensive, which we had a problem with. A very poor performance, which ended with the period result of 2-1 in favor of Waterloo. Still, one of the goals was a remarkable one, Inghamn ran from the side behind the goal were he lifted the ball over the goal to Zetterberg who with a direct hit scored, goalkeeper was on the moon, brilliant!!!!

In the third we made started as in the second, 2 goals down in the beginning of the period, but we soon made few amendment, which we had to do when Karlsson went out injured. After that the ball started to jumpour way again and the balls went our way and we scored 4 goals in few minutes.

Points in the game (not 100% correct yet, waiting for BFF) Zetterberg 4 goals, 4 assist. Inghamn 6 goals 1 assist, Blomstrom 1 goal 3 assist, Kortelainen 1 goal, Tenkanen 1 assist, Bruno 1 assist.

Looking forward to the next game in 2 weeks against Tornado Brussels.

Marthyn I