Wow, what a game. Most probably not the most beautiful game we have ever player, but what a tremendous victory from a team point of view.

Stimulo, second in the league, started very optimistic and also scored the first goal. We had some chances but the ball didn’t want to go in. We made few changes in the second period and suddenly did the ball go our way. With goals from Petri, Erik and Pontus we seemed to get the game under control. With 3-1 we were going really strong, Pontus 4-1 goal was deleted, because the referees had just blown for penalty. Marthyn, who seems to watch to much TV tried a something he saw a swedish player do in the European Cup…..very slowly and very badly, sorry!!!!!

Stimulo came in to the game and made a nice 2-3 goal and few minutes later did they equlize the game with some luck and in the end it was an own goal, 3-3. The last minutes Waterloo Lions took a risk by make a lot of changes the last 3 minutes, we knew that it could work again. With 2 shoots in the bars it felt that the ball didn’t wanna go in. Stimulo wo was happy with the 3-3 was defending greatly and did even got a chance were one of their players came free with Chris, who made a great save.

Marthyn pass the ball to Petri who shoots against the goal, Pontus is fighting against 3 Stimulo players in front of the goal. The ball bounce to the side and Z, very calmly, hit the ball straight into the goal, 10 seconds left of the game, 10 seconds!!!!!! This was a victory for the Team, fighting victory, WELL DONE!!!!

This was the third game we turned in the last 2-3 minutes, we are mentally very strong. Looking forward to the next game.

Marthyn I